Neck pillow for cars, Travel pillow headrest

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  • Filling Material: Synthetic fiber
  • Material: Artificial leather
  • Brand Name: HEATED
  • Material type: PU
  • Function: pillow for travel
  • Material 2: Cloth

New style Car Seat Headrest Neck Pillow Neck Rest Seat Headrest Cushion Pad Head Safety Protection Travelling Seat Support 


Patented Car Headrest help passengers have good rest during long distance travelling or traffic jam. If you feel tired or headache, Why don’t you rely on this car headrest?

Both Pillow left and pillow right support passenger’s head when the car turn right or left.
First driver have good rest with this car headrest pillow when Second driver is driving.Then they change the seat.  Don’t Drive When Tired.
Suitable for different passengers. These two pillows can be pushed at different lever – high medium, according to the height. Just pull them at the highest level if you don’t need it, which can save space in car.


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